The literary evenings of Banská Bystrica

'All I am is literature, and I am not able or willing to be anything else' Franz Kafka


The literary evenings have been created with the main aim of owning a place where everyone can feel free to share pieces of art that, in one way or another, had an impact in their lives.

In a warm and comfortable atmosphere we will be able to interact, offering each other new points of view and knowledge about different types of literature, culture and languages.

These evenings are meant for people of all ages, tastes and styles that have one thing in common: their passion towards words.

How to participate?

Unlike the usual way of organizing a literary meeting, we won’t select a piece of literature in advance to discuss about it. Our evenings try to encourage people to bring any kind of text (prose, poetry, essay, comic, haiku and a long et cetera) or piece of art (painting, song, short movie), preferably in their mother tongues with an official or non-official (depending on the capability and the availability of time of each person) into English. There is always the possibility of dispensing with the translation and go for a personal explanation of the context. Once everyone has fully understood the said piece, the rest of the participants are able to comment whatever they thought it was interesting or to offer any kind of information to the group.

Why in your mother tongue? 

The Literary Evenings try to take the most of the intercultural opportunities that Banská Bystrica can offer in the field of literature and original pieces of art. By the method of first reading the genuine version of the text, we try to hold on to the primary rhythm and flow of words that can stick to our minds and lead to sensations even without understanding their meanings. Bearing this in mind, the participants are free to express what they thought it was about or to communicate what the text evoked to them before the translation is read out loud.

Open to other types of art

Even though the Literary Evenings have been created with the idea of sharing pieces of literature, we encourage people to bring, if they wish, any other kind of art piece to the meetings (e.g paintings, music, videos…) or even blend it together. We are aware that arts are in constant interaction and we would like to take the change to broaden our cultural horizons during these gatherings.


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